Thank You | Goshawk "Purple Haze"

Andrew shares his impressions a few days after “Purple Haze” Goshawk™ 6-string guitar arrived…


You knocked it out of the park with the Goshawk.

Purple Haze arrived in perfect condition, and the pictures did not do it justice, not even close. While the appearance is amazing, the fit and ergonomics are truly unmatched. I can’t believe how light it is, and how its contours allow it to easily meld with your body.

I probably played it close to 10 hours this weekend, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can do. The tones are amazing, and it plays incredibly with all of my amps. It is truly an instrument that inspires one to play.

Before it arrived, I thought the Goshawk was going to be an evolution of the Spearfish, but this is a different beast altogether. Thank you for going the extra the mile with your craft/art and creating instruments that help get the music in my head come to life.

If you can’t tell, I couldn’t be happier.

Very truly yours,