Thank You | Spearfish

Bill took delivery of his sunburst Spearfish™ 6-string guitar this week…

I love this guitar! It may not be good for me, though — I was going to work out last night but picked up the guitar to just play for a few minutes, and before I knew it the gym was closed. And I picked it up this morning, just for a minute, and now I’m two hours late for work (fortunately I’m self-employed).

I was a bit apprehensive buying another guitar sight unseen, but trusted that this time would be different. Wow! Spearfish™ is stunning! And the most comfortable guitar I’ve ever played…sitting down it just melts into my body, absolutely perfectly contoured. I love the deep carve on the arm rest, and the neck carve makes the upper frets a breeze to access.

I wasn’t sure if I would be comfortable with the thinness of the Element™ neck, but it was love at first touch. And the fan-frets are the most comfortable ones I have encountered, just right. It took almost no time to get used to. Playability is off the charts, virtually effortless.

And the tone! I played it clean for a while, and was actually a bit taken aback when I switched to an overdriven sound…the first note just leapt out, with such clarity and sustain. Truly spectacular!

I have been using the neck humbucker most of all (has always been my favorite position), and then the bridge, Strat, and Tele positions, as those seemed most familiar before I knew exactly what I was dealing with. I have used the tone knob quite a bit, as I have played everything from straight ahead jazz to rock and blues. I love how expressive the guitar is, and the action is absolutely perfect…it almost plays itself.

My wife commented how great the guitar sounds, and she has never done that with any of the other guitars I’ve owned. I have loved my (other brand) headless model, and figured it was about as good as it gets, but Spearfish™ is in a different league.

A million thanks for the guitar, it is perfect! I sincerely appreciate the attention to detail that is so obvious in every aspect of the guitar. Feel free to use me for a reference should anyone want a recommendation. All the best —