Every year I grow increasingly grateful for the wonderful people around me. Life — and this journey into Art — is truly made possible by these connections.

Profound gratitude to all of my clients; it is a gift to build for you.

Thank you.

Steve Blucher: this…sound. For showing me the way. Eric Corpus.

Steve Sjuggerud: excellence in nuance.

Ede Wright: Hall of Fame test pilot.

Valeria Karaseva: focus. And knowing when to take me to the wilderness.

Bill Pegg. Ken Kinter. David Newsam. Killick (of course). Scott Baker.

Three exceptional clients: Jim Jannard’s USM Red, Adam Wilson’s Fretless Spearfish, & Dr. Dominic’s Cupid.

Gethyn. Masi. Tricia. Gary Culver. Inseparable companions on the trek to Mordor.

Dad, for showing me the true meaning of courage and persistence. Mom, for walking beside him no matter how steep the mountain. Love you both so much.

And those we will miss: George Nishimura, Hank Rudderow, Patricia Hurley.