Modern Archtop

Sourced a piece of solid cherry two inches thick by fifteen inches wide. It was an old tree, with evenly spaced growth rings — moderately spaced — indicating decades of consistent growth and reliable access to sunlight + water.

A good life for a tree.

I’m extending the Modern Archtop™ design philosophy. Eliminating the Positional Constant String Pitch Control System™ in favor of the Intonation Cantilever™ solo tuner-bridges. Significant savings in mass, which allows me to play with the body structure.

I fully free the soundboard by floating it above a carbon fiber Torso Touch™ back — dampening is eliminated.

String-to-string response across the bass/treble spectrum is absolutely stunning. One of my best guitars in terms of dynamics and touch sensitivity.

I’m admittedly a little in love with this instrument right now.