Every year I grow increasingly grateful for the wonderful people around me. Life — and this journey into Art — is truly made possible by these connections.

Profound gratitude to all of my clients; it is a gift to build for you.

Thank you.

Steve Blucher: this…sound. For showing me the way. Eric Corpus.

Steve Sjuggerud: excellence in nuance.

Ede Wright: Hall of Fame test pilot.

Valeria Karaseva: focus. And knowing when to take me to the wilderness.

Bill Pegg. Ken Kinter. David Newsam. Killick (of course). Scott Baker.

Three exceptional clients: Jim Jannard’s USM Red, Adam Wilson’s Fretless Spearfish, & Dr. Dominic’s Cupid.

Gethyn. Masi. Tricia. Gary Culver. Inseparable companions on the trek to Mordor.

Dad, for showing me the true meaning of courage and persistence. Mom, for walking beside him no matter how steep the mountain. Love you both so much.

And those we will miss: George Nishimura, Hank Rudderow, Patricia Hurley.

Killick & Se'nam Palmer | I'm: Bezel

RT: “What do you tend to listen to whilst practicing yoga?”

(we’ve discovered another commonality this year)

Killick: “No music typically…the ambient sounds of hvac unit, birds, dogs, and the like. Had an amazing and fun session with guitarist Se’nam Palmer yesterday…”

RT: “Killick Christmas Album!!!”

(fifty minutes pass)

Killick: I’m: Bezel

Killick: “It’s a really fun and intense album.”

Let’s listen together.

PS: I also really love Killick’s impish wordplay and Photoshop work via his discography. Check out the album covers.

Goshawk | Video | Steve Sjuggerud

Steve Sjuggerud just filmed a live demo video explaining tones and features of Goshawk™ 6-string guitar.

A lot of thought and effort was invested into creating truly useable controls. You’ll understand as you watch the video. Steve is playing Goshawk™ direct into a tube amp. There are no pedals, or channel switching.

He coaxes an astonishing range of textures from the guitar using just the onboard controls.

I would like to thank Steve Sjuggerud and Steve Blucher for their contributions to this instrument.

Modern Archtop

Sourced a piece of solid cherry two inches thick by fifteen inches wide. It was an old tree, with evenly spaced growth rings — moderately spaced — indicating decades of consistent growth and reliable access to sunlight + water.

A good life for a tree.

I’m extending the Modern Archtop™ design philosophy. Eliminating the Positional Constant String Pitch Control System™ in favor of the Intonation Cantilever™ solo tuner-bridges. Significant savings in mass, which allows me to play with the body structure.

I fully free the soundboard by floating it above a carbon fiber Torso Touch™ back — dampening is eliminated.

String-to-string response across the bass/treble spectrum is absolutely stunning. One of my best guitars in terms of dynamics and touch sensitivity.

I’m admittedly a little in love with this instrument right now.


Named for the raptor which populates broad latitudes across North America and Eurasia. (With thanks to Gethyn)

Goshawk™ six string guitar features:

• Swamp ash solid body (specify finish option)

• Torrefied figured flame maple neck

• Advantage™ neck profile

• Hipshot locking tuners

• Stainless steel frets

• 25.5” scale length

• Exclusive DiMarzio™ pickups

• 5-way hum-canceling w/volume & tone

• Carbon fiber pickguard

• Intonation Cantilever™ patented bridges precision machined from solid stainless steel


You may have noticed a few changes.

If you’re new, everything may look entirely unfamiliar. Welcome.