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PHOTOS: Scrimshaw is the art of engraving the bone or tooth of a powerful animal. Spearfish™ 6-string guitar drives Yngwie Malmsteen’s original 1969 Marshall.


PHOTOS: Perhaps no mammal will ever (can ever) be as powerful as Herman Melville’s great white whale, Moby Dick. Nature, embodied. All that is untamed. You can recite the litany, but still it will not end with simply facts: patent pending Element™ aircraft aluminum neck, stainless steel Intonation Cantilever™ patented bridges, exclusive DiMarzio™ pickups, carbon fiber, resonant swamp ash.


Thank You | Goshawk "Purple Haze"

Andrew shares his impressions a few days after “Purple Haze” Goshawk™ 6-string guitar arrived…


You knocked it out of the park with the Goshawk.

Purple Haze arrived in perfect condition, and the pictures did not do it justice, not even close. While the appearance is amazing, the fit and ergonomics are truly unmatched. I can’t believe how light it is, and how its contours allow it to easily meld with your body.

I probably played it close to 10 hours this weekend, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can do. The tones are amazing, and it plays incredibly with all of my amps. It is truly an instrument that inspires one to play.

Before it arrived, I thought the Goshawk was going to be an evolution of the Spearfish, but this is a different beast altogether. Thank you for going the extra the mile with your craft/art and creating instruments that help get the music in my head come to life.

If you can’t tell, I couldn’t be happier.

Very truly yours,


Thank You | Spearfish

Bill took delivery of his sunburst Spearfish™ 6-string guitar this week…

I love this guitar! It may not be good for me, though — I was going to work out last night but picked up the guitar to just play for a few minutes, and before I knew it the gym was closed. And I picked it up this morning, just for a minute, and now I’m two hours late for work (fortunately I’m self-employed).

I was a bit apprehensive buying another guitar sight unseen, but trusted that this time would be different. Wow! Spearfish™ is stunning! And the most comfortable guitar I’ve ever played…sitting down it just melts into my body, absolutely perfectly contoured. I love the deep carve on the arm rest, and the neck carve makes the upper frets a breeze to access.

I wasn’t sure if I would be comfortable with the thinness of the Element™ neck, but it was love at first touch. And the fan-frets are the most comfortable ones I have encountered, just right. It took almost no time to get used to. Playability is off the charts, virtually effortless.

And the tone! I played it clean for a while, and was actually a bit taken aback when I switched to an overdriven sound…the first note just leapt out, with such clarity and sustain. Truly spectacular!

I have been using the neck humbucker most of all (has always been my favorite position), and then the bridge, Strat, and Tele positions, as those seemed most familiar before I knew exactly what I was dealing with. I have used the tone knob quite a bit, as I have played everything from straight ahead jazz to rock and blues. I love how expressive the guitar is, and the action is absolutely perfect…it almost plays itself.

My wife commented how great the guitar sounds, and she has never done that with any of the other guitars I’ve owned. I have loved my (other brand) headless model, and figured it was about as good as it gets, but Spearfish™ is in a different league.

A million thanks for the guitar, it is perfect! I sincerely appreciate the attention to detail that is so obvious in every aspect of the guitar. Feel free to use me for a reference should anyone want a recommendation. All the best —



Every year I grow increasingly grateful for the wonderful people around me. Life — and this journey into Art — is truly made possible by these connections.

Profound gratitude to all of my clients; it is a gift to build for you.

Thank you.

Steve Blucher: this…sound. For showing me the way. Eric Corpus.

Steve Sjuggerud: excellence in nuance.

Ede Wright: Hall of Fame test pilot.

Valeria Karaseva: focus. And knowing when to take me to the wilderness.

Bill Pegg. Ken Kinter. David Newsam. Killick (of course). Scott Baker.

Three exceptional clients: Jim Jannard’s USM Red, Adam Wilson’s Fretless Spearfish, & Dr. Dominic’s Cupid.

Gethyn. Masi. Tricia. Gary Culver. Inseparable companions on the trek to Mordor.

Dad, for showing me the true meaning of courage and persistence. Mom, for walking beside him no matter how steep the mountain. Love you both so much.

And those we will miss: George Nishimura, Hank Rudderow, Patricia Hurley.

Modern Archtop

Sourced a piece of solid cherry two inches thick by fifteen inches wide. It was an old tree, with evenly spaced growth rings — moderately spaced — indicating decades of consistent growth and reliable access to sunlight + water.

A good life for a tree.

I’m extending the Modern Archtop™ design philosophy. Eliminating the Positional Constant String Pitch Control System™ in favor of the Intonation Cantilever™ solo tuner-bridges. Significant savings in mass, which allows me to play with the body structure.

I fully free the soundboard by floating it above a carbon fiber Torso Touch™ back — dampening is eliminated.

String-to-string response across the bass/treble spectrum is absolutely stunning. One of my best guitars in terms of dynamics and touch sensitivity.

I’m admittedly a little in love with this instrument right now.


Named for the raptor which populates broad latitudes across North America and Eurasia. (With thanks to Gethyn)

Goshawk™ six string guitar features:

• Swamp ash solid body (specify finish option)

• Torrefied figured flame maple neck

• Advantage™ neck profile

• Hipshot locking tuners

• Stainless steel frets

• 25.5” scale length

• Exclusive DiMarzio™ pickups

• 5-way hum-canceling w/volume & tone

• Carbon fiber pickguard

• Intonation Cantilever™ patented bridges precision machined from solid stainless steel


You may have noticed a few changes.

If you’re new, everything may look entirely unfamiliar. Welcome.