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John Evans

Oh, My word! Rick, that is beyond beautiful!

Ale has performed miracles to achieve the sounds that she has with the short scale Fender Mustang. Many of us have felt that, although she obviously loved her bass, it was holding her back somewhat.

Having seen what your Spearfish did for Dany's progression, I have absolutely no doubt this piece of musical art will do exactly the same for Ale, releasing the full performance of that superb musician.

You are to be congratulated on your recognition of the potential of these two young sisters and for the help you have provided for them.

Elvin Willie

I can't wait to hear her play that bass. Thanks so much Mr. Toone!!!!

Gerardo Cantu

Hi Rick. I love the design, and I noticed that there is no pickup selector switch. Am I correct in assuming that one of the knobs is a blend knob? I have seen this on the Fender. If that's the case, based on a video demonstration I saw of the guitar, then I assume that it will serve Ale well in dialing in the exact tone she is looking for. Once again, awesome bass and I can't wait to hear what it sounds like.

Rick Toone

Gerardo ~ The neck pickup and bridge pickup each have a dedicated volume knob. She will blend between the two pickups to get an amazing variety of tones.

Steve Blucher's Area J pickup design is fully hum-cancelling, so it achieves the classic Jazz Bass sounds but without all the noise.

I am very pleased with how this bass sounds. Looking forward to hearing what she does with it, beginning next month when it arrives to her.

Thank you for your thoughtful question.

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