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What a champ, Rick. And thanks for sharing Luis' message. Great insight into the exciting journey the girls are on.

Amazing musicians!!!!
Amazing human beings!!!!
Amazing family!!!

Rick it’s so nice that you are supporting Dani with another Guitar : Good on Ya

Rick, you are the man, so generous with your time and talent to help out Dany and the band like that!

Truthfully, I'm a fan of their music. I really love their blend of riff-based anthemic rock.

I see my younger self in Daniela...focused, driven artist. She is a kindred spirit on this blue planet.

Paulina and Ale are quite amazing. Paulina might displace Animal (from the Muppets) as my favorite drummer. Ale is becoming an excellent bassist...watch her develop along the lines of John Entwistle and Geddy Lee.

Luis is funny, smart, modest, hardworking...and honorable. A kind human and a wonderful role model. He keeps them safe and morally grounded.

Hello Rick! Amazing how his guitar matches Dany's hands and personality! Your guitar is literally in the right hands! You were extremely generous! Congratulations!

All of you make good play music instrument. i like you performance exspecially Paula..you really good drummer..

Hi Rick,
thanks for supporting these girls! Did you know, Def Leppard's drum tech is doing a video blog on YouTube? You should listen to what he has to say about The Warning:
Keep up the great work, Rick! You are definitely part of their success. (Just look how unburdened Dany acts on stage now.) :-)

Hello Rick, I really love the curly maple in this guitar, it is really beautiful. I saw some pictures from the Mother of all and It blew my mind.

May I ask, How much does the Ocelot weigh?

Matt ~ Thanks very much!

The instrument weighs less than a Les Paul and comparable to an ash bodied Strat. Figure about 8 lbs.

The balance is quite different however from both of those guitars, in both seated and standing positions.

Spearfish has a natural neck up balance (so there's no need to support the neck with your left hand while playing). You can see this as Daniela dances around stage with it, or leans on the neck with her forearm sometimes when she is talking into the mic.

Dany is about 5' tall to give you a size reference. Looking forward to her report about how it performed at the show...

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