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Great video of Tosin and Andy playing Dark Matter. Thank you for sharing it.

My two teenage sons and I also visited Taylor HQ two weeks ago. Amazing to see a high volume of finely crafted instruments. It's fun to have my minded expanded to new possibilities - far beyond the binary of mass production vs lutherie. Bob and Andy truly seem to have built something remarkable in between.

It was fun to hear Bob's origin story as well - remembering that even the big companies started out as some guy with a crazy obsession to build a guitar.

Any thoughts you care to share publicly Rick about where your heart and mind are at on this journey of one man custom vs systems and production.

I view you as one of the most open yet pure luthiers in the game. So your opinion is valuable and unique in my view.

Nick ~ Very good observations and questions. Do you think the market would be interested in a production guitar I would make?

If so, which model, and why?

I have far more questions than answers about the feasibility / market demand for unique guitars.

That said, if the proverbial gun were to my head today, here are my picks for Toone Guitar models that lend themselves to production (not surprisingly the three latest models):

Spearfish - (Traditional but Powerful)
USM - (Aggressive but Nuanced)
Tigershark - (Aggressive & Powerful)

* descriptors are aimed at the aesthetics and presentation of the instruments, not the sound qualities.

Those three together create an offering strong enough to stake a claim around and build out a unifying theory, movement and culture.

Then add on limited run / special edition Skele’s with a series run of different artwork and themes - a Toone quality alternative to the Cigar Box guitar renaissance.

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