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Absolutely beautiful guitar, as usual. You're setting a very high standard for the worlds luthiers, and serving as a great inspiration for us amateur builders.

Could you make those gorgeous bridges available to the rest of the world? You'd probably make a large chunk of cash selling them. Maybe a deal with Hipshot?

More evidence of the understated elegance of your USM-8 design: function and beauty in a dynamic equilibrium.

Reading about the USM-8's incarnations keeps reminding me that it would be fascinating to hear more of your thoughts on the potential of alternative materials in the construction of electric guitar bodies.

(E.g. Besides carbon fiber, things like aramid honeycomb's success in acoustic guitars come to mind. But then, given your success with aluminum necks, I keep thinking about aluminum: its historically low success rate for soundboard type applications, and the exception of John Challis' harpsichords (not unlike aramid in acoustic guitars, there again with sandwich construction - thin, solid aluminum surfaces laminated together with an aluminum honeycomb core...))

Hi Rick,
It seems to me that your latest guitars have guite thick body's. How does this compare to for example your purple tigershark (from ergonomic standpoint)?

John ~ Thank you for your kind words. In many ways, the components are the engine that drives the sound of my instruments.

Bo ~ Exploration of materials seems to be a field of study that is continually interesting. I am learning how to introduce composites into these builds...yet still have the tonality be musical.

Thomas ~ Thickness does not matter as much as contouring.

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