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The Force is very strong with Daniela (and family)!

Rick, You done good, man.
You will have no regrets in this gift to an amazing young musician. The whole band just blows me away and their commitment to their family shows. Their progress is both heartwarming and frankly astounding.

Rick Toone! I want to commend you for your kindness to Daniela with such incredible gift. Trust me Dany not only play increíble music but will also showcase your guitar in a classy and profesionally! Here is a link to a recent performance at Cafe Iguana in their home town I was fortunate enough to fly in from SoCal and see them live it was Epic! Please make a point to see them live! Ñ joy Henry Arena


Thank you very much for the gift, I'm anxious to see Dany use it at some future venue. I see her and her sisters here in Reno last month and the blew the roof off of the GSR and LEX Nightclub.

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