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Another beautifully designed guitar Rick. Very cool!

Thank you, Frank.

I am fascinated by this guitar in a way I truly did not expect to be. Something about it feels instantly familiar...it's like coming "home" (but the house has been renovated and upgraded).

A wolf in sheep's clothing...traditional looks yet the performance characteristics of your S2: tone, neck feel, ergonomics, etc.

The blend is intoxicating.

I believe both types of designs appeal to different types of players. I will be curious to learn how the new owners respond as these begin to make their way out into the world.

Still finding new sounds/tones/textures with the S2 every time I play it. It feels like home with secret passage ways being discovered. Keep up the good fight!

Beautiful culmination Rick. Fantastic vision and accomplishment.

My first thoughts in terms of visual expression:

This looks like Rick Toone’s John Coltrane in contrast to the Music Man John Petrucci Model's Louis Armstrong. Both jazz. Not the same.

ISIS - Threshold of Transformation in contrast to Dream Theater - Looking Glass. Both metal. Not the same.

Earthy, gritty, enormous roaring beauty in contrast to a smooth, faultless, fluid singing melody. Both music. Not the same.

Thanks, Nick. Sign me up for Coltrane anything...

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