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Beautiful guitar! Love the natural look of the wood with the perfectly engineered hardware. I can only imagine how good it sounds, though my affair with the S2 is hardly over. Still finding so many variations of tone. The guitar becomes an extension of my body to such a degree I find myself playing better and, if this makes sense, taking more chances as I play.
Keep up the good work!


Frank Meyers

Hey Rick,
(again) awesome guitar but I was wondering why you started useing ebony again? Does it have a major difference in sound compared to a graphite fretboard?
greetz from Belgium

Thomas ~ On some fundamental level, every ounce of every material used contributes to the sound of a guitar. But what really matters is the tone of the combined whole.

I chose ebony for this guitar fretboard to aesthetically complement the design. The impact on overall sound is basically negligible.

PS: Thank you. Frank, too.

Holy hell, Rick. Looking absolutely flawless... Hope all is well, I'll be in touch real soon.

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