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What I'm reacting to:

1) The overall headstock shape is wonderful.

2) The string pull without a tilted headstock looks great.

3) Gorgeous choice of tuners - locking + open gear FTW

4) Carbon fiber playing the role of pickguard morphing in to the 3D control cavity - the lines are very elegant/pleasing to my eye - the bottom horn only pickguard shape hinting at the simplicity of a Fender Broadcaster, but the exact opposite direction.

5) From the "I'm going to take your perfectly beautiful creation and deconstruct it because I'm annoying" department - the string channels in the headstock (in conjunction with the tuners) seem as though they would provide enough pull and enough groove height to keep the strings from popping off the nut slots if one were to install/request a Kahler/Floyd Rose type bridge on this device - nullifying the need for a locking nut and allen keys for string changes/tuning.

I know you've commented that tremolos often present more problems than advantages, but sometimes you just got to get your David Gilmour on.

Of course, there are hundreds of available guitars with tremolos, so if that's out of design/intention for this instrument or your design philosophies as a whole, I understand.

Nick ~ Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful analysis. Yes, this nut/headstock system is designed to accommodate a tremolo system. Additional information pending.

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