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Rick this is meant to be a compliment, so take it that way...

I believe you are the only guy on the planet who could possibly hold people's attention for this long... but still we are humans over here on the other side of this website. We have limits.

So just fair warning - one more "you can have this super amazing thing I just invented once I get done perfecting it" type post and you may be responsible an uprising.

We're storming the castle boys! Whose with me? :)

Nick ~ You make an excellent point in support of the Texas venture and effort to create virtual luthier self-clones. Either to toss guitars over the website walls, or to defend it. Looks like it could go either way at this point.

I will attempt to reduce my use of adjectives.

Here is the new copy: "Some people like headstocks. I just designed a headstock. We are going to machine a batch of them in about three weeks. We will try to make enough so that more people can buy them before they sell out. Thank you for your interest."

Am I doing better?

You're a great sport Rick in addition to being a visionary luthier. So, kudos to you on both fronts.

I should have been more direct with my comment. It was directed only at wait times for production instruments. It was not directed in any way at your product descriptions and especially not at your enthusiasm, passion and generosity in sharing with the community your vision for what a guitar is capable of being.

As often happens with my attempts at online humor, context is lost in the transfer of thought to 1's and 0's. I hope that my comment - made in jest - did not in any way add weight to all that you're trying to accomplish.

As a self-employed entrepreneur, I know what it feels like to have to save the world from imminent disaster every day. That may sound verbose or perhaps even conceited to many. But to someone firmly committed to a vision that they alone are capable of delivering, I think it's an accurate description of the emotional experience.

So, my well wishes, hopes, vibes and prayers are with you Rick. If it takes a little longer to get things perfect - as I said earlier, you're the only guy I would wait this long for.

All the best

And a question I may have asked before, but can't remember the answer to... Can I use this headstock with the headless tuning system just for the sake of awesomeness?

I do prefer more familiar instrument design cues, but I also want to be able to fine tune with my right hand... seeing as how my left hand has to hold those darn strings to the fret I'm trying to tune to. :)

I love the headstock. I love the headless tuners. Can an instrument - even if it's custom - function with both?

Nick ~ As you've surmised, operating solo is a balance or trade off between innovating vs. producing/shipping. One finances the other until possibly a point is tipped toward a viable sustainable means of splitting the two. A task not made easier because I've jumped (almost) too far ahead of the market...I've needed to backtrack at the same time as a mass company like Ibanez catches up.

Perhaps I'll catch the wave, perhaps I won't. No matter what happens, I remain dedicated to only producing guitars I am proud of and would want to play myself.

I look forward to the near future when you have one in your own hands. I hope you will agree it will have been worth the wait. As always, thank you for your patience, support, and excitement.

...and in response to your question: possible, yes. Fascinating. But in the interests of reducing weight, I'd recommend jumping in one direction or the other. I would also point out the body mounted tuner is both fast as well as precise.

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