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How do you find working with carbon fiber? I've heard a lot of luthiers describe it as a massive pain and not worth the effort.

Fantastic-Rick! It's so exciting that
with every iteration, your guitars become more and more integrated, streamlined and cohesive. All the superfluous falls away and what's left is only the essential. The perfect cybernetic guitar!

Chuck ~ Thank you for appreciating the evolution!

Jesse ~ Carbon fiber is a material, like any other. All materials have their strengths, weaknesses, uses, and challenges. Carbon fiber dust is potentially irritating, including to the lungs, so absolutely be safe when working with it...HEPA filter, respirator, vacuum table, etc.

Hi Rick,

That guitar just looks fabulous. Congrats. Am I delusional for imagining I could pick up a six string version of the Tiger Shark with some toned down pickups and rip through a soul-stirring version of SRV's Lenny?

I don't ever touch the whammy bar anyway.

On another note, if you guys ever need some website or marketing help, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm always happy to put thought into something I'm intrigued by... and y'all have me very intrigued with this new concoction of a guitar company you're building. :)


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