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Sentimental objects are something very hard to part with. They have so much power and energy. I recently parted with an item belonging to my father and though it pained me to see it go, it now has a weightless place in my heart that will never rust.

Also, my deepest and sincere condolence on the passing of your furry friend. We lost our friend this year and no words can heal, only time according to the cliché.

Please keep up the good fight with your designs. I follow your work even though I could never afford any on teachers income.

Last thought, I have some dogwood that you may be able to use as a replacement for ebony if it is suitable for such purpose.

Sorry for my long wind, I know you are a busy man. thank you so much for the inspiration!


Chadwick ~ Thank you for your kind words.

I really love your perspective: "...it now has a weightless place in my heart that will never rust." Wisdom and poetry, combined.

Perhaps the production guitars will be a pricing surprise. Many things are yet to be determined, but one of our goals is to make these instruments affordable to starving musicians...and maybe even to teachers.

I've never worked with dogwood. Fascinating offer, much appreciated.

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