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Can you give some details around the current state and the future direction of the Element™ Neck, the Uni-Neck™, and the Trapezoid Neck Profile™?

Specifically, does the Element just have a single profile available? Based on the CAD designs and the fact that "speedy" players are digging on it the S2, it seems very thin. Are there options?

Are the trapezoid neck profiles available only on wooden necks?

I'm asking so many questions because I've had many a late night the past few months with a certain guitar haunting my dreams... It would seem that in bits and pieces, you're making it.

Anyway - mainly wondering where you're at with all of this? Are you still totally dialed in with the S2? Are you doing any commissioned work for individuals - you know, those of us without auto-tune technology. :)

If any of this is better discussed through email, that's understandable.

As always, inspiring work... aesthetically, ergonomically, functionally, environmentally, musically.


Nick — Thanks for your thoughtful questions...

Essentially, I am developing a menu of options for my clients. This is a very exciting time because many years of R&D are coalescing into an array of straightforward choices, at a range of price points.

For example, you will see:

a. Element™ headless neck with body mount tuner
b. Element™ headstock neck with conventional tuners
d. Hand built titanium core wood necks in a range of profiles

...combined with...

e. (S2 or Luna or Dove) solid body electric guitar
f. (S2 or Luna or Dove) chambered body electric guitar
g. (S2 or Luna or Dove) Uni-Neck™ semi-acoustic electric guitar
h. (S2 or Luna or Dove) Antares-specific Uni-Neck™ electric guitar

These above combinations will be basic offerings on the main menu. I consider them refinements of all the experimentation I've been doing over the past several years. Depending on your style of play and ergonomic needs, it is highly likely one of these guitars will suit you perfectly.

The Antares guitar for the 2014 NAMM show is an example of a bespoke instrument, designed and built for a specific client, for a specific purpose. Bespoke instruments begin at a significantly higher price point, quoted according to the specs and vision.

Fantastic news. Exciting direction. In the mode of asking for the moon... any chance of the copper pots and switches from Orca getting worked in somewhere?

Along this journey of following your blog, all of your innovations have been sincere and intriguing, but for whatever reason, Skele and Orca are the two that haunt me...

The pages below have images on them that just aren't happening any where else on this third rock from the sun:



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