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To add to the road report a student of mine saw a Misha performance with his new S2 and he said the guitar cut through like no other he played that night.

We both know that's what it would do ;)

Rick, that is a thing of absolute beauty! Congrats, all of the hard work is coming into fruition! Can't wait to play one of these new creations!

Raj — Thank you so much for your encouragement and support during this arduous development process. At times I felt like Frodo, bearing the One Ring to Mt. Doom.

I tend to think all the effort has been worthwhile. Some truly great friendships have been forged along the road. Supply lines have been established, and it feels so good to be returning to flow.

You might be curious...

I am working on a revised T2 guitar using the S2 guitar's hardware system, including the Element™ machined neck. The T2 would be very similar to what I built you but with the new enhancements.

If you get a chance, drop me an email with what you've learned from playing your T2 during this past year. I'd love to hear your experiences and thoughts.

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