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I dont know what the purple thing is, but it looks fricken awesome!!!

So after a jillion hours of pickup R&D with Dimarzio he opts for something else?!

Roger — Great eye!

There's a story behind this, one that will be revealed in time. What I can share at this moment is I have yet to hear the Bare Knuckles that will inhabit Misha's machine.

What I can also say is Misha has not heard the DiMarzios.

So essentially there was no 'choice' involved...at least not in terms of comparing the pickups and selecting. The BKs will be installed for philosophical reasons, sound unheard.

The ever-curious-scientist dwelling in the left side of my brain is very much looking forward to comparing two nearly identical guitars (except finish and pickups) in the immediate future...

Full report pending. As you can imagine.


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