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'Tis an honor to play such a magnificent instrument, Rick. Looking forward to more!!

This is great! Thanks, Rick & Chris. What an amazing instrument! (P.S., Chris, I also really enjoy the 50 Metal Licks app.!)

Randy — Thanks very much.

It is great to watch Chris cutting loose and letting his fingers fly. I usually hear him only in private when he's testing one of my machines, or in the context of a public performance — Lithium Tree, Karsh Kale — so we especially appreciate capturing some of his improv playing on video.

He's got some mad skills.

Very cool guitar. Nice design. Like the added tonestyler. Have one on my bass. Those pickups seem to really let the tone breathe out. But even more so, great playing Chris! Loving them licks.

Thanks all! Things happen when you have such an incredible instrument in your hands ;)

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