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Yeah they are!

Great work Rick! Beautiful design!

Looking good!
Is the "Bart" body for Bart Townsend?

Alex — Good to hear from you.

Bart Townsend is getting his own S2 guitar. Seems only fair after all the blood, sweat, tears, soul, and cash he has poured into the project these past several years.

He doesn't play guitar, but wants to learn.
I can't think of a better instrument to learn on than the S2.

Equally importantly, T-Squared Mfg. in Waco, Texas will become a dealer for these instruments. This will allow Bart to service the Austin music scene.

He has a Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special amp and pedal setup in his conference room so visitors can test play the guitar. He will always have one S2 in stock for immediate sale.

That's a very fine first instrument, but a very fitting one for a partner so important. I think an ergonomic guitar is especially important when you're learning to play. The unwieldiness of traditional guitars probably keeps many aspiring guitarists back.

It must also be a benefit to have a dealer who knows so much in detail about the hardware of the instrument. Plus, the S2 will be a good showcase of T-Squared's ablilities.


They look great Rick, but you spelled my name wrong. ;)

Roger — I'm on that, stat.

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