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Wow! Great video of New Eden. Tosin is a beast. I am reminded watching that video of my love of your original design sans top horn. It seems to balance well here. Could you comment on that a little?

Douglas — The simplest explanation is to look at how the neck attaches to the body. There is a complex array of interactions associated with the neck joint, from physics to ergonomics.

Blur works with that particular concept neck.

Necks in development for 7-string & 8-string instruments will demonstrate some unique improvements. The 6-string S2 is proving a highly useful testing and evaluation platform for this evolution.

What I can say with certainty is the S2 body on the final 6-string production guitar is the most comfortable body shape I have ever made (or played). Features of the final body will be revealed over the next few weeks. I will transpose what I have learned onto the 7s and 8s to optimize them ergonomically.

Well put Rick. Thank you for the explanation and insight into your process.

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