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Sorry to hear about your beloved dog. He sounds like he was a true companion. Hope you are alright Rick.


So sorry to hear about your dog, we lost our female GSD in the early fall, and I know what you are feeling.

My best to you and your family.

Thank you, kindly. I am alright.

Something Laura Masi said really resonated: "I can see his spirit, free and happy, running through the fields. He is released from the burden of his earthly form. No more suffering."

Bogie's body was no longer serving him. Thinking of his death in this way transforms the moment from fear and sadness into one of love and freedom.

Here, here.

Big ups to Bogie Toone. Say hello to the many fuzzy friends we've all had a great run with, but had to say a tough goodbye to recently and not so recently.

See all you puppies again someday.

So sorry to hear of your loss, old friend...

X — Life seems to move in cycles within circles: 'wheels within wheels..."

Hopefully we learn (and apply) something new, each lap around the
fishbowl. Great to hear from you.

Bogie's grave is near my shop, on a windy hill overlooking the farm.
Laura and I visited this past weekend and were bemused to see deer
tracks across the fresh dirt above his resting place...

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