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Looking forward to meeting Black Dove tomorrow!

I am interested in aquiring this instrument or a reproduction. Its visually stunning. body shape, contour is beautiful and looks comfortable. the standing position on the lap is something i am looking for. I've been in and out of your web site and looking at your creations. the sound of the instrument in the videos has grabbed my attention. clear and deep, raw and honest sound. the hand makes the beautiful sounding chords but clarity is hard to find. the incredible intonation is something i am after..im quite the maniac towards intonation throughout the fretboard. The overall contruction looks amazing and built with durable materials.Is there a catalog ? news feed other than your website, email ... that i can be aware of production and pricing ?

Michael — Thank you for your compliments! I have worked intensely to create the sounds you are describing and appreciate that you can hear those tonal qualities.

It is best to just email me directly to discuss commissioning an instrument. Cheers!

Rick, I love this design. Flowing, different, bold, awesome.


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