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Ok Rick. I take it back. You win. That is one slick looking package!

Rick, every time you go back and get more "stuff" together, the guitar looks more awe-inspiring than before. I'm really excited to own an S2 six string. Thank you and ALL of the crew (staff and test musicians alike) for the inspired work, critical feedback, and willingness to communicate with customers/fans/lurkers. Let's flip the switch on that assembly line!

Rick, super excited to be on the waitlist. This is pretty much how I would have designed my own guitar. We still shooting for Q1 2013? Can we get some shots from classical position? Specs settled on yet? Hoping for some of the distressed finishes. And the fact that the case and the stand are all an integrated package, just slick.

Seriously beautiful work, I love your creations Rick! I dare say it's well out of my price range, but how much are the production models?

I literally dream about this guitar and the time I spent playing it. I really want to hold out for a 7-string, though I'm not so sure I can take the wait! That neck is nothing short of the word "revolutionary," and the guitar in whole is just the be-all, end-all in what any prominent player needs in an instrument. Fantastic work Rick!

I'm selling off some of my instruments, and saving so I could purchase an S2. I honestly don't think I could find anything better than this guitar. It's everything one could look for in an electric guitar.

the most marvelous musical instrument package Ive ever seen, I am totally ispired by this work, thank you

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