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Boston in particular has been vicious lately in regards to filming of any arrests. Others here have found themselves in very difficult situations for simply doing what CCTV would do, if pointed in a specific direction. This is a total shame.

I have worked with many NJ police departments in 20+ years and seen some really good, some really bad, and many average officers.

Violence of this sort toward people who would NEVER, I mean NEVER, initiate violence toward police (or anyone) is unacceptable. The idea that Javier and Tosin would be a threat to anyone would be laughable if the consequences to them weren't so serious.

Please sign the petition and keep your cell phones up. We have more phones than they have bad cops.

What a woosy society we've become! Petition the rulers for your liberties. Maybe they'll allow you some, you think?

Or, you could make them recognize their place by suing the Hell out of them, and just maybe winning!

See: "Less than Picture Perfect: The Legal Relationship between Photographers' Rights and Law Enforcement" http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1857623

A Due Process Right to Record the Police

Court says public has right to video police in public places!


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