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I think all business meetings should involve beer. When this business is fabulously successful, the book will have a chapter dedicated to beer/burgers and business.

The best part is that I can pretend I can play this thing when it has no strings or pickups on it. All illusion will fall away when it is complete. Or will it ????????

kings x!!!

Nice recognition by Joshua!

I'm a HUGE King's X fan. Seen them at least 30 times with 3 more upcoming this tour. I wore their shirt then and am wearing another one right now. The band actually makes fun of me if I miss one of their shows.

Music (and beer) over my head!

One band I have always wanted to see but have yet to. Always heard they are better live than on record.

Absolutely true. Albums are good, live experience is transcendent. If I had to recommend, I would tell people to get Live All Over The Place, Live Love in London, then Best Of...
When I flew 2-3x a month in a previous job, I would listen to Live all Over The Place on the way to the airport. The thinking was, if I don't survive the flight (had to deal with tornadoes, lightning strikes, airline food, and Newark and O'Hare on a regular basis), I wanted that to be the last music I heard.
Catch them this time around if they are playing near you with Kansas. Great double bill. Prog heaven!

I need to see them live, one of my biggest influences. I'd like to see a Toone in Tabors hands!

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