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Alberto Muti



You can't expect to wield supreme industrial power just 'cause some watery tart threw a neck at you! =)

Very interesting, Rick! Am I seeing correctly that this is in fact a one-piece neck and fretboard? The straight-on shot looks like it could be slotted, but the angled one seems to have frets protruding.

Rick Toone

Scott — 'tis indeed one piece as well as fretted. At the moment bolted to a test guitar and undergoing extensive evaluation. Joyous to play!

Few things in life are better than a watery tart...


Right on! That's exciting to see.

Ola Strandberg

Impressive! This opens up some interesting opportunities for the height of frets...

Lon Rago

Ummm... I've got an extra guitar body I could strap that to and test for you. I'm sure you're busy with lots of other things.

I must say that it doesn't much resemble a scimitar that was lobbed at you by a moistened bint either.


That thing is sexy.


Thanx much for the 'Holy Grail' references, which caused iced tea to shoot out of my nose onto my desk. I was torn between that and the end of 'Planet of the Apes' with the Statue of Liberty. "You murdering bastards!....God damn you all to hell!"

But seriously. If that thing sounds 10% as cool as it looks....ya - f*ckin'- hoo!

Rick Toone

Methinks my Lady speaketh in dulcet tones....and doth not protest so much...

Alexander Oest

Is it meant to bow slightly under the tension of the strings (to give the strings room to vibrate)? Or does it stay straight?

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