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Oh man, is that anodized Purple hardware on the 8-string? Stunning.

Seeing the hardware on the sketch bodies and "T" is a fascinating contrast too. Glad to see you were part of NAMM, I hope people appreciated the true innovation you brought to it!

NAMM, as usual, was a blur. I was there for two days running around (literally at times) to make meetings while stopping to high-five myriad bandmates (both current and former), six-string brothers, TrueFire people, publishers, rock stars, endorsers and NAMM buddies. All the while I was trying to find my window to get downstairs to see my NJ compatriot and those game-changers he builds. It wasn't until my final hour that I was able to make my final booth sprint ...

... honestly, I looked down at my phone, saw what time it was and hauled ass to Rick's part of NAMM real estate ...

As I raced to the dungeon (affectionate downstairs Hall moniker) I turned the corner only to be stopped dead in my tracks when I got a gander at Blur. It's that intense in person and WAY more intense in your hands - HOLY S**T!!! Though it was not complete it didn't matter - the goods were there and acoustically this guitar speaks plenty. It was incredible. Genius from top to bottom. The aluminum neck, though completely alien looking, felt great and played great. Who knew?! Love the extended frets on strings 7-8 as well. It was just killer!!!

Thankfully my mad dash allowed me to show up before Tosin Abasi, who strolled in (looking quite dapper, I might add) amidst my drooling over his axe. Upon meeting Tosin for the first time, in true NJ fashion I leaned over and mentioned, "You don't think I'm letting you have this, do ya?" His chuckle let me know he's the real deal and we rapped over tunings and other assorted guitar geek items. Then, he preceded to lay it down on that Blur and that was that. Damn, that kid can play.

While Tosin gathered a crowd it was a great time for me to meet Bart Townsend and discuss whammy bars, have many laughs with Monster and A/B the shit out of Sketch and T2 (thanks Monster!!!). I learned a LOT and in true Rick fashion, so did he. He noticed something about how guitars and I interact that answered years of mysteries for me. This is why I love this guy and I cannot wait 'til you see what we come up with.

Highlights for me were the numerous great players that came in and humbled me as well as inspired me: Tosin, Javier, Chris, Evan, and hundreds of others whose names I should know and hopefully will see again. It also isn't every day I get to say: "Hello, Mr. Holdsworth. How are you today?"

I also echo Rick's thanks for eveyone who made the trip happen (logistics, finances, manufacturing, etc.).

Who knows what the future brings but from here it feels scary good...

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