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Thanks Rick for letting us know about a few interesting places to check out in AZ. I've never been to the desert yet, but have always felt a closeness to it. Maybe because I try to live a lot of my life in isolation too. I like the quiet of a nice open space with no airplanes overhead and no boom boom cars anywhere near me. Cheers.

Glad the NAMM show sounded like it worked clearly in your favor.

hey rick i'm mike daviau, i've never commented before, but im a long time admirer of your work, i am a college student, but an artist and wood worker as well, i come from 3 generations of fine carpentry. i find your work truly inspirational, they seem to embody a soul and the only phrase that i feel can describe your work is a sort of "peaceful chaos" all of them, beautiful, complex, yet elegant and never pretentious. i have built one guitar, and want to build another more seriously this time around, i look forward to purchasing/licensing some of your creative and and functional products. but i was speaking with tony levin today, and he seemed rather interested in your work. so i hope he gets in touch with you! an artist always needs patrons! (p.s. im looking also looking forward to seeing pics of "blur" i saw one pick from namm, it looks AMAZING!)

I am a lifelong resident of NJ but I can totally relate to the peacefulness of wide open, dry rocky spaces. Sedona AZ is one of my favorite places in the world and a haven for me when I let the world beat me down.

NAMM was a great experience (much more on that later) and I think an airing out of the brain in a beautiful location is just what the doctor ordered. I drank beer and hung out with musicians in the John Wayne airport the whole next day. Not the same thing but fun in its own way.

"What I hope that these pictures say is that we need wilderness. We need wild places where we will not see houses, cars, fences, signs, bullet casings, or even trails. We need places where there is no trace of human interference, because these places will then serve as our standard. We need these places because they cleanse us. Whatever pressures and frustrations we have in our lives in the cities, we can lose them here. When we walk in beauty, all the garbage in our lives disappears.” – David Muench

From “David Muench’s Arizona – Cherish the Land, Walk in Beauty”


Can't help but to think how well the Blur guitar would be in this environment...

Rocks are sculpted to oppose the least resistance to the wind and water, and life forms evolve into highly efficient shapes so no valuable vitality is wasted. Every part, every cell, has to be useful to improve survivability. Nature despise wastefulness, yet its beauty is overwhelming. Knowing this, I can tell you have followed nature's approach when building your instruments. Keep doing so.

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