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Congratulations once again Rick! I'm anxious to get these in my grubby little hands and anoint my sculpture with the sonic renaissance.

Congrats and well done to both you and your illustrious patent attorney. Getting to know you in school, I figured to expect great things and it is a blessing to be here with you to see them happen.

Rock on!

Thank you! I have been enjoying this experience...

Patent writing is unlike any other form of writing, with specific language and usage particulars. Learning the patent process has been an intense education.

I have enormous respect for both my mentor, and those who are skilled in IP prosecution. It is an exceptionally challenging career field, where sometimes a single word can differentiate between defeat and victory.

I'm also in NJ...I am a wood artist and I love your work. There is something about what you make that is projecting a lot of good energy. I would love to see and know more about the things you create !!!!

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