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I think I enjoyed what Victor said even more than what he played.

He spoke of a two way relationship with the bass and also of seeing the components of the bass as they were in their natural state before being integrated into the instrument. The tree, the ore, the proverbial "clouds in the tea".

I am still processing the talk but it reminded me that the *groove* is the necessary heartbeat and breath of what we do as musicians...and especially bassists. Wow!

I've been searching for 'off' notes to insert into both my music, and my life...

I strongly related to his idea of seeking to dwell in that discomfort, squish around in it a bit, and listen for what it teaches us.

It must be gratifying to have players such as Tosin Abasi and Victor Wooten exploring instruments you have created. I have been a big Victor Wooten fan for years!

Can we expect to see future videos of Victor with Orchid?

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