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Definitely an improvement. Solution with no compromise — nothing is reduced. I like your capo very much. So simple yet so practical and brilliant.

Great concept! Would it be possible to have two capo options on the same unit? One, as pictured, for F# "standard" tuning, and one for drop E?

Eric — Yes. This capo technology is quite flexible. I am still thinking through the possibilities. Once I've tested the prototype, we'll have a better understanding of the capabilities. If you are thinking about a guitar with this neck, send me an email.

Do I see echoes of Cupid's design in this?!

Alberto — Truthfully, you might. I am back at work on Cupid. We had set it aside while I fully developed the bridge technology.

However, we are on again...excited to complete that ground-breaking semi-hollowbody. Cupid is (already) quite seriously one of my favorite guitars.

Something special.

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