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Awesome!! will do a tremolo version any time soon?

Beautiful, Rick! What are the fanned scale lengths? It looks like only a slight difference ...

Hi again,

I'm confused by the first fret...or is that a large zero fret? Or — as I'm finally figuring out — the "string clamp" IS the nut?

And, even though it looks like there's space in between the fretboard and "nut," it's OK to play there?? Very interesting.

I hate to ask, but what is the price point on the T2? I have a hunch it's out of this working musician's range, but this piece looks awesome!

Reuben Adkins

Marc — "String clamp" is the nut. The first fret that you see is just that...the first fret.

You can comfortably play the position between the nut and first fret, just like normal. When you press down on the string, your fingertip still contacts the fretboard.

Reuben — Thanks very much! More affordable than you'd expect. Email me with what features you would want, and we can chat.

Thanks for the clarification, Rick. That's a very cool guitar.


Got to hear this beast off its chain for a few hours Monday. It handled metal, jazz, blues, classical, rock, and folk equally well. It was especially cool to hear it shift back and forth from clean to distorted with no decrease in quality of tone. It is an amazing instrument, merging the traditional with the most current of advances. It did better than we did in 5/4 time, ha ha.

Man, all of these guitars are beautiful! This one is just incredible. The mix of new and old. The aesthetics. Great work! I chopped up a steinberger guitar a while ago...inspired by klein. I'll have to send you pics. Not pretty, but my favorite guitar to play. I'm happy to have found your site, and plan to follow your work. Cheers!

Rick, just wanted to say — in all my days of not liking Teles — I have finally found one I actually want to play. And possibly one day to own. It really has a steampunk'ish look like it was made during the 1800's. Just without the headstock.

Either way...fantastic instrument, I wish I lived closer to you or I'd ask to come by to play it.

Jeffrey — Really enjoy your art work. It would be nifty do do a uni-neck guitar (like Feather or Skele) that could include your painting or mixed media textural work within the body.

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