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Awesome guitar first of all. I've been following your creations for about a year now and i think they're great, but I'm a little a little put off by the neck profile thing. I don't doubt that its very comfortable and all, but what's so bad about having your thumb pop over to help out with fretting? It's an extra digit! And anyone who watches hendrix and stevie ray play can see their thumbs fretting away the whole time. And if they're too old fashioned, what about john fruciante? Just my thoughts.

Alec — Thanks for you compliment, and also for sharing your perspective.

Neck profiles are a big topic. Much to discuss.

Like you, I play with my thumb over the top, fretting low strings with my thumb. I have really long fingers, so I'll often fret both the E and A strings with my thumb (on a six string guitar).

Definitely a valid mode of play.

The width of 7-string and 8-string necks changes the dynamic though. Even my long fingers are not capable of thumb fretting on an 8-string.

Most importantly though, we are looking here at Tosin's playing. The embodiment of the IPNP™ neck profile on Sketch is designed and dimensioned specifically for his needs as a player.

Tosin plays exclusively in classical position, with his thumb centered on the back of the neck, so in this post we are evaluating how well the Intersecting Plane Neck Profile™ is working for him.

This same profile might not be optimal for you, and your style of play.

For myself, I have noticed growing fatigue in my fingers from playing bass (esp. fretless) which has made my thumb position more important.

I used to not care, but now notice that playing with my thumb over the top (which I still do sometimes) leads to increased finger fatigue and at times pain.

The trapezoid neck profile allows me to play as long as I want without pain and I notice my playing has become more efficient by keeping my thumb centered.

Tosin mentioned it felt like his thumb position was being "correct(ed)" by the neck. I'm sure there is no one neck shape for everyone but I am grateful for having this option.

Good feedback Alec.

PS: I'm also a huge Hendrix and SRV fan.

If I may ask, what inspired you to make the intonation as well as the string height adjustable at the headstock? I mean, I think it's an incredible idea- one that you'd think people would have realized and tried out a long time ago, long before the Floyd Rose tremolo came along (a tremolo I strongly dislike, anyway, for mechanical reasons all my own), but... nope.

I have an idea of my own for a dual-action tremolo, and though I quite honestly would love to share a description of how it works so you could troubleshoot it, even if you just did it mentally... For my own sake, I probably shouldn't. ;-) Don't expect to see any pictures, let alone patents, any time soon, though, haha. I'm still just a lowly university Music Ed. student.

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