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That's amazing! Will you be posting sound clips once it's complete, Rick? I'm incredibly excited to see the final result.

Thanks for your excitement and comments, 05Ric & Sam!

I would like Roger Placer to do a demo of the guitar. He's got a great musician's touch, and musicality. I will stand behind the lens for this one.

This guitar features some important breakthroughs that will necessarily need to be demonstrated via sound and video.

Really cool- How much sound (unplugged) is this design expected to produce?

Very cool Rick, it is always neat to stop by and see one of your new ideas...

Looking forward to hearing that.

This is so awesome. This and Skele sort of remind me of the old Danelectros/Silvertones in a way.

Whoa! (my best Keanu Reeves). Can hardly wait to see, play, and drool on your latest evil invention.

Feather features a waterproof finish. It will dismiss sweat, beer, drool and groupie juice with aplomb.

Rick, you have been holed up in that shop for so long even my cat is complaining. But now that "Feather" has come to light, perhaps Dr. Frankenstein would introduce his new creation at the next "open fire night" .... can't wait! (groupie juice and all)

I love the idea of a super lightweight guitar, but what about balance? Is the neck a lot heavier than the body?

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