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Very cool Rick! I'm glad to see your work get more notice.

I'm excited to see the headless Orchid design that's in the works.

For your interest. I ran a little quiz about this bass on my bass guitar website. Some of the commenters even already knew it!

Hi from Germany!

Just for the records: unfortunately not all guitars listed within "500 Guitars A-Z" are shown with pictures (well, I guess < 50% of them).

So, if you're focused on guitar design (the reason why I ordered the book from the UK) — you've to ask "Google & friends" for those (missing) pictures anyway.

So ein Ärger :-[

Knowing that, it was even more impressive for me that Rick has made it to get puplished with TWO pictures of ONE of his guitars within this book!


Greets & sorry for my bad English.


Thank you, Bill!

I appreciated Gavin's attention, as well. It is an honor to be featured like that.

For those of us who love to play bass, Orchid is a significant leap forward. I am hoping to find a way to produce the instrument cost effectively so that more bassists can gain access to the design.

If any of you have ideas for how to transition Orchid to semi-mass production, please email me.

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