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I absolutely love this quote, "The purpose of art is to comfort the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable." Thanks for sharing!

Rick Toone

I've often thought about that quote over the past twenty years, applying its logic every time I've attempted art, no matter what medium.

The circular nature of his language is inescapable — simultaneous acts of both wounding and healing. In the presence of art I sometimes feel one, sometimes the other...but never both at once.

Kerry Kruger

A quote I carry from Art School is "There is no art without suffering".
Which isn't really true, it just sounds appropriately effete...once you've been, you're pretty much branded as Gay anyway.
My other favorite quote is from my Drawing teacher who shambled in the first day,clearly fried from the night before,and asked..."Anybody bring any jelly doughnuts?"
I knew immediately I was not in Business School. He spent the entire year drawing what he saw when he closed his eyes and rubbed them. Seriously.

It's (art) clearly on a sliding scale, and those who profess to be best at it still must be elected or accepted by those who have elevated themselves to such status ahead of one.
Which is always annoying to those who are
breaking new ground, it's interesting to note that anything truly new will offend about ninety percent of the public, if youre doing it right. Then ninety percent of the remaining group will try to:
1. relate it to something they're comfortable with
2., Crap on it immediately because they have that window for a second and then ask why it's not the item in 1., forgoing any sort of reason or basis for their bile.
3., 'Correct' whatever they feel is available for criticism, valid or not, and expect you to justify their critique, and
4., generally go buy that Tele at Guitar Center.
So I don't really worry about Feedback as to Artistic Merit in guitars anymore.
I've been sitting in at the Neal Moser Forum for a while, largely to justify my disdain for the opinions of Metalheads, but also because I've designed a couple dozen guitars that fit the heading, and threw a design up that's pretty good but a bit cartoony, (I certainly don't show anything really good there) just to illustrate a point someone else was making about a certain design feature, and was immediately told by a 'member' called worldsmostVile that it was the worst guitar Ever. You can't pay for that kind of feedback. Now I can go on, knowing that one's out of the way.
Ah, art.

Rick Toone

Hilarious, Kerry. Thanks for the laugh. I just cut my thumb...does that count as suffering?

Have you seen the film "Art School Confidential"? The plot is forgettable, but Tricia said it reminded her so much of experiences at Mason Gross.

(thick framed black glasses optional)

Speaking of Art — capital "A" — I thought Tarantino's remake of "Inglourious Basterds" was absolutely phenomenal.


Kerry — I just gave up on one of the project guitar forums because no one there wants to see anything outside of ordinary. I don't want to build something I can go buy. Apparently we'll never see eye to eye. Hilarious post BTW.

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