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Now that's proper shielding! Looks really good. Letting the copper disk be visible could be interesting design-wise.

Will you be running the wires through copper tubes to shield them as well? If so, having the tubes run on top of the guitar rather than inside it might look good. Plus, it would make the cabling obvious to the user. Switching and turning knobs would not be a black-box thing, since you'd be able to see which pickups are connected to which pots and switches.


Thanks, Alex.

Most of the wiring on Skele is visible, or at least the copper tubes that hold the wires. I agree with your opinion — it is a cool look to see the exposed "nerve cells" of an instrument.

This particular guitar (Simplicity) will likely have the electronics hidden. I'm not fully decided, but it would probably match the aesthetic better. But now you've got me thinking...


One of the reasons for developing these (refined) shields are for future use in Uni-Neck construction. I love how Skele turned out and plan to build extensively using that technique.

Too many ideas and not enough time! Aaargh!

Great idea! Did you look at copper caps? Maybe you could save yourself all that soldering.
Check a plumbing catalog I'm sure you'll find something ;-)

Martin — thanks for your suggestion. I've also been playing with the copper caps, but realized they don't have enough precision in terms of roundness and straightness. They are formed with a flare, and somewhat variable.

I'm finding (so far) that building shields from straight pipe yields the look and precision needed.

Give it a try and let me know what you discover.

Hi Rick

Re. our previous talk on "exposed nerve cells":

I've added phase and series/parallel switches to a guitar and had the added wires run on top of the body.

They're combined with brass discs for the switches plus a brass pickguard and a copper shield to cover some old holes in the body.

I've depicted and described it here: http://tbeamguitar.blogspot.com/2010/03/copper-shield-and-switch-added.html

I hope to do a future build where all the wiring run in exposed copper tubes.

This particular design (with its heap of metal) is just one among many approaches. Have a look - I hope it's inspiring.


Alex — very nice work routing the copper tubes. It is a challenge to bend with such precision. That will be a great technique to incorporate on future builds.

PS: Love the "snow proof" guitar.

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