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What a beauty that guitar!!! And I totally agree about Tim Miller, what a composer/player. Love his stuff.

Very well done Rick!

Rick Toone

Um, Rick...is that a drool-proof finish?

I have a feeling folks are going to get juiced up over this one.


Very nice looking instrument but I can't help thinking the whole point of that beautifully sculpted neck heel for access has been obliterated by a strap button - there are many acoustics like this too though so I must be missing something!

Love that flame though - it is drool worthy...

Roger Placer

Congratulations to Rick C. on nailing this custom guitar design for a very worthy, pioneering player. I really look forward to hearing it recorded, especially since I am sure Tim will take advantage of the built-in mic. That's a very nifty feature to have.

Best -

Marc Ybaben

Just gorgeous, Rick! Very nice; I can't wait until Tim's new album.

Hmm, I'm curious, like Mike, about the strap button behind the neck. How's that work?



Great-looking guitar. I'm so glad it has the spruce top with the flame maple on the back. To me, the simplicity of spruce is a lot more beautiful. I imagine the choice was more for acoustics but I'm rather fond of the aesthetics.



Beautiful! How is it with feedback? Can't wait to hear what Tim does with it. What a player!

Rick Canton

Hi all,
Thank you for the comments! As far as the questions, it does look like the left hand would hit the strap lock, but the side of the palm barely touches that area in general even with the strap installed. The feed back can be a problem at times. All Tim really needs is 5-15% of it`s capabilities for the studio or live use just to pick up the string nuances. Tim and I are already working on a new mic circuit to capitalize on the purpose of it.
Thanks again,

Don Ayers

Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on the beautiful work. Interesting wood combinations too. I'll be all over that CD when it comes out... can't wait.

Winners eat bread

A new take on the ultra-odd shaped "Breadwinner" design, whose particularity of being able to rest on the lap firmly from it's lower side OR from it's bottom...is being seen more and more all of a sudden in the lutherie world.
Honestly I'd never buy such a guitar to play live even if I was threatened with a gun to do so, but I admit that I'd be willing to have a breadwinner lookalike for practise: sturdiness = less strain on back, arms, neck etc.

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