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As always Rick: amazing, beautiful, exceptional quality, stunning photography, ...

We need to reward and support local excellence. Wherever we live.

I agree 100%. I have been interacting with tons of local (read Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian) luthiers over the past couple of days, at the FUZZ Guitar Show in Gothenburg and am very stoked about the level of competence and committment available next-door.

I am working on a blog-post of my own about my reflections from the show and want to make two (three) points:

1a. I support "back to basics" and pared down approaches for the purpose of eliminating sources of error, purity of design, etc. (Like your alleged tool snobbery.)

1b. I am saddened by the fact that a large part of the show was sales of vintage instruments, another huge chunk about new stuff that had been beat up to look like it was vintage and only a small part about innovation.

2. Local excellence. Local can be extended to surpass geography and mean those that are close to you, including your internet communities, like elutherie.org.

Ola — thanks, kindly. I'm glad you caught my (implied) reference that "local" can mean "philosophically aligned" as well as geographic location.


Do not be sad, my friend. We will continue to innovate. The market will eventually catch up.

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