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Kenny Thompson

What do you do with you scrap wood, or scrap that is smaller than the palm of your hand?

Rick Toone

That would depend on how hungry I am.


would u ever consider doing a bass for cheaper then 6 thousand because i myself am a progessing bassist and need a good bass and as far as i hav seen urs r pretty nice

Rick Toone

Jimmy — thanks for your comment. I am currently developing a new design that I'm hoping to build more economically. I've invested substantial thought in how to simplify construction.

Stay tuned for details.


Hide glue has the fantastic advantage of soaking deep into the pores of the wood and finishing quite hard. When mixing, careful control of the consistancy is easy to master. It can be terrible with humidity and temp changes though.

Your website is a dream by the way. Post some pictures of your work shop!

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