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Light-weight, great-looking, ergonomic instrument with many innovations.

Fighting Windmills

I learn so much from you. I love that it was inspired by the Vanitas painting. It therefore has such wondrous inferred meaning for the songs that will be played on it. Your blog looks really nice with this orange and grey, btw. And I want to wish you a Happy New Year.

Ardian Djombalic, Selvia Djombalic

Wonderful work Mrs. Toone,
Your a wonderful art teacher and were so lucky to have you. I love the guitar, and I was wondering if Rick Toone could come in and talk to us about his guitars. And also does he make just bass guitars or electric guitars too?

Rick Toone

Ardian & Selvia — thank you!

Tricia has nearly completed the skull painting, and the guitar is almost done. We both like your idea of bringing it to school to show and talk about.

She showed me your spray paint (space) painting and Tim Burton soft sculpture projects. Fantastic! Keep up the great work.

It's inspiring to have excellent students.


interchangeable bodies are such a great idea and when you combine it with being a light-weight chamber, what a win win situation!

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Rick Toone

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    Intonation adjustable.


    Ultimate tone and sustain.


    Precise headless tuning.