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Hey Rick, I have one question about the picking hand with regard to the shaping of the instrument. It seems optimized for playing quite close to the bridge area. I am wondering how it would feel for folks who like to coax a warmer tone by playing up at the end of the neck?

Sometimes if something is molded for a very closely shaped bond with another surface, it makes flexibility in moving those surfaces in relation to each other difficult.

I wonder if you could comment on this! Thanks for the video illustrating your cool ideas.


Roger, thanks for your question.

My first love is acoustic, and because of that I've developed a playing style which ranges from picking and strumming near the bridge, all the way up to the 12th fret (for bell tones). I tend to move my right forearm in a figure-eight as I play rhythm, in order to obtain those tonal variations.

Those habits have carried over into my electric designs. I still tend to pick near the octave harmonic as I play (again, even up to the 12th fret) so I typically build comfort for that position into an instrument.

In the case of Dove, I first sculpted the face of the guitar to be comfortable — as per "normal" — then cut the wrist float. What I've found so far is the wrist float is value added, in the sense that it does not affect previous ergonomic benefits, but adds another level of comfort.

Once the instrument is complete and I can play it for a few hours, I'll get a more accurate impression. I'll also look forward to having you give Dove a thorough test spin so we can compare notes, and learn.

Dove looks beautiful, and your explanation was very helpful. I like the way it accommodates her hip and, like you mentioned, how it lets her wrist float comfortably.

Beautiful, brilliant work.

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