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It's like my Visual Basic teacher told us when I was going to school for programming - you have to keep everyone in mind when making the software, -er anything (actually he peppered it with many explinatives - this is my PC version of events).

A hip hole is great for most, but then I am not everybody - I am 6'-2", 275# (really) and I haven't seen my hip bone in years (I still can see my feet though ^_^).

As always, I love your forward thinking approach to being a luthier, but my issue would be that taking wood away from a guitar or bass also may taking the all important tone away from the finshed product. Although I must note that you haven't produced a single instrument yet that lacks in the the 'tone department'.

I remember reading about EVH and his Kramer with the 'V' cut in the back and tackle put in to make a look and style statement. This modification inevitably killed the tone of the guitar, he couldn't get 'the brown sound' and the guitar became a nice hood ornament (I'm reaching on the hood ornament thing).

It is also a point of personal taste as I also hike up my strapped bass position so my arm lays on top of the body so my forearm almost lines up with the neck for pop/slap action. With my spare tire mid-section, this would negate 'my' need for a sculptural point as a Hip Hole.

All said, it's still a great idea and a touch of forward thinking design. And without experimentation, we'd still be living in very overcrowded caves. Maybe I'm getting to damn 'spartan' in my old age.

What the heck, if Vai can have a handle in the body of his guitar...


Finally! Somebody gets it! This female has been playing guitar for 26 years and I have not owned even ONE comfortable instrument yet. I've never seen a guitar specifically designed to accomodate a female's body, and that's even after six years of attending NAMM and walking the entire convention floor.

Thank you for noticing that when the body and the guitar have to do battle, the player and the music lose.

Athena — Thank you, and welcome. I am deliberately focused on designs that will translate comfortably to smaller musicians. Why should large males have all the fun?

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