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If you think Willow is rare try finding his first two albums, which he self-released on his Dragon's Egg label. "Guitar" (1973) and "Fireheart/Fireriver" (1977) are albums I would dearly love to hear but the prices I've seen (when they're available at all) was just too much for me to spend.

Absolutely fantastic performances, I did some online hunting for other pieces by him and found this fascinating video of a guitar he used with a dual pedal capo.


Jesse — thanks for the video find. Hecht is amazing. Greatly under appreciated, in my estimation. I listen to him (and Alex DeGrassi) in the shop while working. Evocative soundscapes.

I almost feel funny telling you this. I was just at the Columbus Ohio Guitar Show today, and found a mint copy on VINYL of WILLOW. Got it for $9.00. I feel very blessed to have found that. I bought the guy's whole run of Windham Hill recordings, and each one in mint. Can't believe the find!

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