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Hola, excelente tu trabajo yo realice algo similar, en mi blog podras observar mi proyecto. Felicitaciones!!!

Un gran abrazo, suerte!

Heyyy Rick how is my picture coming along? I love your work it is AMAZING!! I want to see all of it!!! Bye

Thanks, Kelseyyy.

I've been a slacker. I have not done any painting in a while — too busyyy building guitars (& basses). But I might paint a skull soon.

Whyyy do you have so many extra "y's" in yyyour name? Is yyyour keyyyboard stuck?

Absolutely beautiful wood being used in that guitar. Is it a hardwood variety?

The completed guitar is curly walnut. Relatively rare to find walnut with figure like that. Clear finish, no stain. The neck under construction is curly maple.

Perfect balance of engineering and art. Does this technique render a truss rod useless? I would assume that one is no longer needed, with the strength of the glue running the length of the neck. If this is true, is it the same on a larger scale, for a bass neck?
Thanks for your site, it is amazing.

The truss rod does not strengthen the neck, Tim. It's used to correct neck bow or arch, and actually weakens the neck slightly if not under tension (the truss rod is not glued in to the neck, so it's essentially an empty, weighted cavity).
Regardless, lamination would certainly strengthen the neck considerably.

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