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Mats Eriksson

This interests me:

2. Adequate clearance for the guitar pick — How much pick is exposed below the fingertips?

A free tip to you Rick, from me, Mats. When playing most electric guitars today, I love where the volume knob is, so you can do volume swells with your pinky. The drawback to this, is that whe strumming vividly and if you have a very animated wrist, you tend to knock the volume knob out of position undeliberately. All Strats - for example - suffer from this phenomenon. And my Klein too.

I would love to see some ergonomics put into this. Say a knob, pot that is only moveable from "underneath" the knob, so you just use your pinky to turn up or down. Maybe a see through, small plastic cover that covers most of the top of the knob but has a little space underneath.

I've never ever seen anyone turning any knob on any electric guitar with full finger grip anyway. Everyone uses their pinky all of the time.

Either the volume knobs are always placed too far away, or too close to the bridge or strings, or picking hand work area.

Rick Toone

Mats — Thanks for stopping by...I always enjoy your comments. Controls located above the strings are highly intuitive and comfortable as well.

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